It is truly an irony that in the recent years the world is getting less safe compared to the years before. The number of crimes is increasing and the number of crime victims is skyrocketing every where.

To deal with this situation, there are more and more peoples who spends their times, money and energy to create a better protection for themselves. Learning martial arts has now become a trend because it is long believed that having knowledge in martial arts can give one comfort because they will know how to defend themselves.

With so many different martial arts, one might ask what martial arts is the best for him/her. In the recent years, Aikido is becoming more and more famous to be learned among any other martial arts. It is believed that as a martial arts Aikido is not only effective but also able to be learned by anyone from any age.

Aikido itself is a unique kind of martial arts. Not only it does not rely on brute powers, the core of Aikido, Aiki, will be able to make one understand the concept of self defense without getting attached or limited by techniques or forms. It will make one able to blend and survive in all kind of situation.

As an organization, Seigi Dojo Aikido has long become a home and training place (Dojo) for those who want to learn and understand the true concept of Aiki as the core of Aikido. In here we are not limited our self by practising on the techniques of Aikido, but try to completely understand the concept of Aiki so our Aikido knowledge can be implemented in all kinds of situation. We believe that only by understanding the concept of Aiki, one’s understanding of Aikido will become completed and s/he will become unstoppable.

As a dojo, we gladly open our hands to those who are willing to learn the Aikido. We will treat everyone as a part of family that will walk together in the journey of understanding the true concept of Aiki in Aikido. We have hopes and believe that the more people learn the true concept of Aiki in Aikido, the more this world will be better, as Aiki will not only able to bring safety and peace to a person but also to those around him/her.